Camping In Style

Most of us remember our childhood which has memories of camping under the stars in a tent. As we grew older we found the ground to be a bit too rough and the bugs were just annoying. This spacious and very functional Yurt allows for guests to camp without having to give up comfort. If you're going to camp in a tent why not do it in style.

Open Spaces

As you step into the Yurt the first thing anyone notices is how big and open the area is. The living room is large enough for multiple seating for those wanting to entertain. There is a great view directly in the dining area so everyone can chat even while having a comfortable meal.

Comforts Of Home

When camping one of the features that sometimes becomes more of a chore than fun is the cooking. Being able to cook a meal on a real stove or quickly heat up a hot cup of water is what makes The Yurt's kitchen so convenient. With it's vast amount of cupboard space to hold all your delicious camping foods, this kitchen alleviates the hassle of cooking in the wilderness so you have more time to enjoy other activities.

Cleaning Up

How many times have you gone camping and wished there was working facilities or running water when it's time to clean up? The Yurt, being a modern tent, gives you all of this and more. There is a full shower, toilet, sink with mirror and plenty of shelves for towels. Also located in the bathroom are the washer and dryer hookups which beats washing your clothes by hand in the ice cold river. Leave the river water clean for our finned friends.

Activities For All

If you're not ready to hit the showers wander outside to the Hot Springs Spa that is located on the deck. The view of the river is breathtaking. Or if you don't want to get wet but want to cool off hang out for a while in the Gazebo. Whichever way you choose to spend your time The Yurt gives you a sense of camping without the hassles that come with it. Less bugs, more comfort and best of all time together.

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