The Raven's Nest

At first sight this cabin looks small and quaint however when you step inside this gem you see what a real treasure it is. The green luscious grass and trees that surround this secluded little hideaway makes any visitor long for the quite and peacefulness it emanates. The Raven's Nest will make you feel free and secluded like our feathered friends the Ravens who enjoys making their nests in secluded locations nearby.

A Warm Welcoming

Continuing into the Raven's Nest you are greeted with a warm and spacious living room. There are many possibilities in this central point of the cabin. Hardwood floors give the room a very ole time feeling. There is also an Efel stove in the cabin that provides you with the look and the feel of real wood heat without the hassle.

Comfort Cooking

As you venture into the kitchen you are greeted with ample lighting, tile counter tops which are accented by the stained wood cabinets. The hardwood flooring continues into this room to help with the flow of the house. Anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen will be more than busy creating comfort foods.

Into The Night

Now we've had dinner it's time to really unwind. Whether it's a nice warm summer night or a cool one the back deck of the Raven's Nest holds a little fun for weary travelers. A Jacuzzi tub is a luxurious way to lead to a great night's sleep. Soaking in this tub with a glass of bubbly and staring at the starry night makes for a perfect after dinner treat.

Sweet Dreams

As the night darkens and our day comes to a closure it's time to snuggle into a comfortable bed. The large bay window looks out into the yard to allow for magical moonlight to spill into the room.The wood accents in the room help to give the illusion of sleeping among the woods with the comforts of being warm and cozy. The Raven's Nest has just the right amount of seclusion and privacy with a mix of space to satisfy any visitor looking to "get away".

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